Clinical Trials

The Participation in clinical therapeutic studies in endometriosis is essential. But diagnostic biomarkers are under investigation as well. In particular manifestations of extensive endometriosis, rectovaginal septum with involvement of adjacent organs such as colon, vagina, urethra or bladder may be affected. When endometriosis growth deep infiltrating into adjacent organs, an extensive surgery is required. At the Charité, particularly gentle surgical procedure for treatment of deep infiltrating endometriosis are developed. The clinical outcome of patients is verified through regular follow-up appointments and interviews. The detection of endometriosis-associated nerve fibers and neurotrophic properties of the
endometriotic lesions leads to the logical conclusion of a nerve involvement in pain pathology. In this context, prospective studies are carried out on central Hyperalgesia and the treatment of pain with co-analgesics. Quantitaive sensory testing (QST) is done in order to characterize the qualities of pain more precise and then to secure an appropriate therapy recommendation.


  • Investigations on the treatment of endometriosis-associated neuropathic pain
  • Studies on central hyperalgesia in erndometriosis
  • Participation in the biomarker study of 311 581 BSP
  • Participation in studies on quality of life and sexuality under hormonal therapy after surgery